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Providing unrivaled risk management and
financial management solutions since 1981.

CECO is a globally recognized leader in risk management policy development. CECO provides direct support and implementation of risk management programs in automotive environments. They have established leading edge programs in the transfer of risk and equity return-to-vendor strategies for some of the most trusted names in the industry.

CECO Management employs knowledgeable professionals in a multitude of fields, including:

CECO's staff of professionals has brought it to the forefront of corporate finance and capital management. CECO's unparalleled asset management has brought it into the elite ranks in the risk management field and reserve equity sharing.

CECO obtained the trust and privilege of working cooperatively for and with these companies not by following trends but by setting them. CECO has brokered and administered lucrative agreements between the large commercial insurance carriers and a multitude of independent automobile enterprises. CECO, as a clearinghouse of solutions, is second to none in brokering equity enriching agreements for all levels of corporate development. CECO solutions provide maximum profits for low capital outlay.

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